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Valerie Dickson is an internationally acclaimed music specialist, pianist, composer, motivational educator and intuitive healer.

Exploring the healing dynamics of music, she uses music in unique and creative ways.

Valerie inspires people within their own communities, in Australia, Japan and Europe, delivering innovative, holistic music-enrichment programs.  These have attracted wide media attention.

Music, humour, colour, visualisation, passion, empathy and her amazing intuition are Valerie‘s primary tools, along with her many years experience and expertise as an international professional musician.

Have you ever wondered why music can affect you in certain ways?

Valerie Dickson is a gifted intuitive musical therapist who hears and works with people’s innate musical vibrations, clearing energy blockages to creativity and self-expression.

She has developed and now teaches amazingly effective, simple self-help techniques to improve relaxation and well-being through the use of music. 





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